Essence of life

Kundalini Energy

I am in love with life, I am in love with nature, I am in love with all beings

The key in life for me is surrender, when surrendering myself to being in the here and now, the easier life flows.

Living in a permanent Kundalini energy flow for the past 8 years, is bringing me closer to the actual meaning of life, living in alignment with my higher self. Embodying The Tantric Path to Higher Consciousness; experiencing all consists of light and love, all is connected and all is one.

Contributing to your awakening, I am passing the orgasmic kundalini energy experience, the essence of life, on to you, through Kundalini activation. Yin and Yang, the sacred feminine and masculine in balance.

Bio Irene

Facilitator training

Kundalini Bodywork, Tantra Kundalini Flow, Body De-Armouring, Vallei-Orgasme Coach, KES (Kundalini Energy System), TTC (Talking to the Chakras), OM (Orgasmic Meditation), Coach personal development (teams & leadership), Cacao ceremony leader.

Other training & experience

Multi Orgasmic woman/man/couple, 4-Dimensional Body Work, Reiki, Tantric Touch, Non Violent Communication (NVC).

Biodanza, Tantric Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Kriya Yoga Meditation.

Photograpy: Eddie Boschma

Higher consciousness

For Everyone

In every human being there is a biological mechanism for enlightenment which is also responsible for the evolution of the species towards a higher consciousness.

In eastern traditions it is known as Kundalini, a potential force that once awakened can produce a variety of mental, emotional, physical & spiritual effects. It is a concentrated field of intelligent energy, a cosmic force absolutely vital to life, longevity and sexual drive. It is the secret origin of all esoteric and occult doctrines, the master key to the unsolved mystery of creation, the inexhaustible source of philosophy, art and sciences, and the fountainhead of all religious faiths. Kundalini is the flux of life itself.