Kundalini Touch

Kundalini Touch is an energetic activation & transmission (as opposed to self-generated process work). You lay down on a mat, relax and be present in the here and now and open yourself to receive. This is the path of surrender; creating possibilities for healing, higher states of consciousness and a deeper connection to your soul and purpose in life.

Kundalini Touch

Facilitator Training

IRELAND | 1 - 4 September | English

Location: The Deerstone Retreat, Wicklow

Including overnight stay & food (3 nights)

SWEDEN | 2 - 6 October | English

Location: Ayse retreat center, Stockholm

Including overnight stay & food (4 nights)

(more info coming soon)

TO BE ANNOUNCED (this year):


PORTUGAL | English

Including: Zoom calls, after care & internship/assisting


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My name is Miss Phillips, Irene

'Right now there is a massive consciousness awakening going on and I feel a deep desire to contribute to that. The KUNDALINI TOUCH mission is to facilitate Kundalini awakening worldwide, to as many people as possible.'

Irene received a profound Kundalini activation 23 years ago by a Taoist master, followed by many Kundalini related adventures over the years. In 2014 she experienced a permanent Kundalini awakening. At the beginning of 2020 she started her journey as a Kundalini Touch facilitator and in April 2022 as a Kundalini Touch trainer.

Are you ready to join this epic awakening? Together we create a powerful life force energy, to connect you to your innate being, your beautiful unique self, your essence.


The Shift

Shifting from doing to feeling, from controlling the proces to let it unfold. Restore and regenerate the balance between your body, mind, energy and spirit.

A profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system happens when exposed to the awakened Kundalini energy.

This awakening can be experienced many different ways: cathartic, intense, high vibe, blissful, sensual, relaxing, confronting, eye-opening, loving, cosmic, transformative, enlightening & much more…

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Our Services

Miss Phillips offers a wide range of services related to Kundalini activation, varying from one on one sessions to different group modalities. She organizes workshops, retreats and trainings. Offered by herself or in coöperation with other facilitators, with various themes, such as conscious sexuality, dance, cacao ceremonies, breath and voice work.

Private & Partner Session

Private session or together with a partner.
A partner session is for you, together with your lover, partner, good friend, family, or anyone else you would like to deeply connect with... aligning the energies together.

This session takes place in a private space, where you lay down on a large mattress on the floor to receive 1,5 hour long full attention from Irene, in Kundalini awakening.

Group Session

In a group session Irene facilitates the Kundalini Touch awakening to every participant individually and at the same time the group energy is a very powerful component, which has it's own unique impact on every participant. The number of participants may vary between 8 and 30 participants.

You lay down on a mattress or yoga mat on the floor, in group modality, to receive 2-3 hour long full attention from Irene, in Kundalini awakening.

Retreat & Training

Both the Kundalini Touch Facilitator Training and the transformative healing retreats, allow to fully surrender to life during a profound magical journey. To embody more of who you truly are, to recognize the deeper ground of your being. To heal, connect and surrender on a deep and profound level to life.

We deliver retreats and training worldwide: The Caribbean, Bali, Ibiza, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Kundalini Touch

Facilitator Training

During the Facilitator training, Irene is passing on her knowledge and experience to you.

If you have experienced the power of kundalini yourself and feel the calling to intensify your inner life force and practice energy work, this Facilitator training intensive is for you.

For each person that becomes “meta-adapted” to metamorphosis means a colossal jump forward for humanity as a whole.

When kundalini is active we ignite those around us simply with our presence with a power that works directly from body to body and heart to heart.

When we dare to take on our own (ongoing) proces of deep healing and transformation. We can experience the realization of being the one.

Kundalini Touch


Kundalini is the transformative fire that burns through and transforms all illusions, blocks, neurosis, bad wiring and damage of various kinds.

The opening of the human energies fully to the larger energies of earth and cosmos. Finding yourself in a universal connection to all that is, which will open you up to walk your unique path in life. Feeling an unstoppable drive for passing on your knowledge and experience onto others.

During the Kundalini Touch Facilitator Training intensive, I will be guiding you in: your own energy proces, physical embodiment, various exercises, opening up your own channel for personal transformation, facilitating one on one sessions and facilitating group sessions. And just as important, the integration of all that is learned, taking concrete action in your life and creating a strong community base for support after the training.

Kundalini Touch

For you?

This Facilitator Training is designed especially for healers and facilitators in the field of energy, body, yoga, meditation, spiritual and tantric work (& similar modalities). For those looking to intensify their own kundalini energy and/or applying kundalini energy work for their customers.

An admission procedure on Zoom is required as well as experience with at least one (or more) Kundalini Touch (or similar activation) sessions.

Kundalini Touch


“I’m so thankful for this course!

Irene is holding the space in such a lovingly and deep intuitive way. I've learnt a lot about life, myself and this method.

I go from the course with a joyful and thankful feeling that this is my path and that it's possible for me now to share it further.“

Cecilia Kindval,

Kundalini Touch Facilitator Training, Sweden

Group | Private

1 on 1 & groups
  • 1 - 30 participants
  • Kundalini activation
  • Private €155 | Partner €222
  • Group session €65
  • Duration 1,5-3 hours
  • Customized
  • Personal approach
  • Intimate sharing


  • 4 day immersion
  • Become a Kundalini Touch Facilitator
  • Personal transformation program
  • Learn to organize and facilitate private & group sessions
  • Certification
  • Admission procedure
  • Price varies per country
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